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Before I signed in to our schools account I could see that you have the text books that we need. However once I signed in and updated our account information to be the UK, those books were no  longer available. The only books that we have available are American ones. I did email for help but have not had a response. I need to access the books ready for the new school year for our visually impaired student. Can anyone advise please?

Thank you


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Hi Sally,

Sorry for the delay, the books and accessible images in our collection are not all available in all countries. Distribution regions are set by the publisher where they have provided their files or under the remit of the copyright legislation for books that RNIB or other members have created for the collection. The accessible images in our collection that were created by RNIB are available worldwide.

When you're logged into your account, searching and browsing for books will only return results for books available in your country. If you log out, searching and browsing will return results for all books in Bookshare.

I'd suggest contacting RNIB for more details. However, I also wanted to provide some helpful links including one on how the Marrakesh Treaty works:

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