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I am an adult and I'd like to qualify for Bookshare.  Is there a form that I can give to my primary care doctor to fill out to qualify?  My visual disability is noticeable to the (REMOVED) eye because my eyes don't ever point in the same direction.  I wish I could just take a selfie and send it in.  The problem would be very obvious.

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Hi Marion,

Please visit this link for information including step-by-step instructions on how to download our Proof of Disability form. Once downloaded, a Competent Authority (such as your primary care doctor) will need to complete the POD form for you (which means it needs to include their handwritten signature since we don't currently accept digital signatures). 

Completed paperwork needs to be submitted via email (recommended) or faxed. To email paperwork, please scan it or take a picture using a camera phone then attach the form to your email and send it to Our fax number is 650-475-1066. 


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