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How to read braille books using Brailliant BI14

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My daughter is 8 years old and in grade 3.   She received a Humaware Brailliant BI14 braille refreshable display.  I'm trying to understand how to download books from Bookshare so that my child can read them in braille using her Brailliant BI14.  I have used Dolphin EasyReader app on iPad and then turned on Bluetooth and Voiceover.  Braille does show up on the Brailliant BI14 but it isn't very good (the words seem spaced weirdly).  I've been reading many websites and trying to understand how to do this.

Has someone listed the steps very simply and clearly for a parent to learn how to download a BRF file from Bookshare so that a child can read braille using Brailliant BI14?

I would like her to use technology but it's difficult since I don't have any training.  

Thanks in advance.


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