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I'm working with a student who already has an individual Bookshare account and we want to add a school account. Is this possible? Is it necessary? Can a user have two accounts? We don't want to have to ask the family for their login information. Thanks

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Hi if the member already has an account we do have a way for you to link it to your org so the member does not have to have multiple log ins.

To link your student's account to your organization's account you will need the permission of the student or their parental guardian and the email address they used to create their individual account. 

If your student already has an individual account for Bookshare please do the following:   

1. Log in to your Bookshare account 
2. Select the "My Bookshare" link located on the top right of your screen 
3. Select the "Members" link from the left side menu
4. Check the box next to the student's first name (if they're not listed you'll need to select the "Add Member" button first) 
5. Select the "More Actions" drop down menu and select "Add Individual Membership"
6. Using option 2 enter the email address of the existing account.
7. Check the box to confirm you have permission to link these accounts 
9. Select the "Submit" button 

Please allow up to 48 business hours for this link to be processed by our membership team. 

Once Bookshare staff have approved your request, the two accounts will be linked and you will be able to download books for your student and utilize Reading Lists with them.

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