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All Settings Returning to Default

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Every time my students reopen the book they're reading, they have to rechange all of the settings. We are using Chromebooks. We would just deal with it but the default voice is an Arabic accent and the speed is too fast, so they can't even begin to understand what they're hearing.

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First I would try the fix below. The other issue is if you are having different member use the same Chromebook the settings could be reverting because of this. Unfortunately our Web reader is very basic in its design and what it can do.

Unfortunately we are currently experiencing a bug with our Web Reader extension on Google Chromebooks that is making our books read with an accent Text to Speech voice. We have determined that the bug is an issue with the Chromebook’s operating system itself. 

To resolve this issue: 

1. Go to the Chrome Web Store and install "Chrome OS US English Female HQ."

2. Close all Chrome windows, "Sign out" from the Chromebook, and sign back in. 

The second step makes the Chromebook "forget" about the other voices and only use the US English Female web store voice, which works with word highlighting. 

The Web Reader is also fully functional on all Windows PCs and Macs. 

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