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I manage the Bookshare account for my district and can let you know how we are set up.  We have one Organizational account that I created.  (I am an assistive technology specialist that supports all of our buildings.  Prior to this role, I was a special education teacher.)  Then, I added "sponsors", which are other staff members that have the ability to add students.  My goal is to train the sponsors to be able to independently add students that qualify and assign texts to them.  (I still provide a lot of help.)  

 Our students access the books mostly on Chromebooks and use the text-to-speech feature of the Read&Write extension since it offers more voice options.

I hope this helps a bit!  Feel free to take a look at my Bookshare page on our website:  https://sites.google.com/adams12.org/sss-at/bookshare

Michelle Thomas, Assistive Technology Specialist


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