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Allowing students to request books from teacher/advisor/etc (account holder)

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This may be more applicable to higher-ed than k-12, but I'd like to allow students to submit requests for adding books to their reading lists, and then receive a notice of that - which I could accept or deny through the email/logging in to the site. As it is now, my college students have to email me with book requests, then I log in to search for the books, and add them to their lists. Since I'm not an instructor (I work in the disability resource center), I don't keep track of just one or two classes, but all students for all classes (theoretically). A quick and easy Yes/No approval option where the student can look for their own books would be super helpful and time-saving.

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Hi Jennifer - nothing from the discussion posting, but I did email the same question in and got a response from Bookshare. They said that the engineering team already had this type of feature on their radar and to-do list, and they hope to see it implemented "within the year" (academic? next 365 days? that wasn't as clear).

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