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The organization of which I'm a sponsor has content available in various reading lists -- how do I search reading lists by organization (if possible), and how do I receive permission to access the content? Is there a subscribe button I'm missing, or do I have to content the organization's administrator?


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Hello Mike,

You can see any reading lists shared within your organization from your "my reading lists" page when signed into your sponsor account. On that page, there is a "subscribe" button next to the "create" button at the bottom of the list of reading lists that you have created. When you click that button, a pop up window will appear where you will see all reading lists that are available for you to subscribe to. If you wish to see only the reading lists created by other sponsors at your organization, you can use the drop down menu at the top of that pop up window that allows you to filter out all public lists.

There is an instructional video that explains this in detail available on your "my reading lists" page as well. It is located on the left hand side of the page under the "learn more" heading.

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