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Hi! I was told to plug in the activation ID I was provided for my son when registering him online. But nowhere in the registration was there a place called "activation id," and I've searched the site front to back (I think) looking for it. I need this activation ID to be submitted because the commission for blind evidently already submitted his disability proof. Any thoughts? I currently have an individual account set up for him. Just want it to connect to that ID.

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Hello Max,

Unfortunately, the Activation ID cannot be added to an account after it has been created. The field for the Activation ID appears in the second question of the sign up process where it asks if the member is a student. The third radio button for the question says "I have an Activation ID." When you select that radio button, a field appears for you to input the Activation ID.

If you wish the account you created for your son to be linked to an Organizational Account, you can ask a sponsor for that organization to link his existing Individual Membership Account to their organization using the email address associated with his account. You can also reach out to to request that the account you already created be deleted and then recreate it using the Activation ID.

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