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Math text illustrations not showing up

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I've downloaded an Algebra textbook but none of the graphics, illustrations, etc. that would normally be in the book are there.  Is there a format that I should be using or will Bookshare not support that? 

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Many of our books do not contain images. You can check if the book you are interested in contains images when logged into your account and searching on our website. If the book does contain images, then they will be available when you view them in the Web Reader or download them in the file formats EPUB, DAISY with images, and Word. If you wish to access the book using an app, then we recommend using Voice Dream Reader for best image support. 

If you feel that a book requires images in order for the content to be understood, you can submit a book quality report for that particular book to request that images be retained on a new version of that book.

1. Log in to your Bookshare account at:
2. Locate the book. 
3. Select the Book's Title. 
4. Select the Report Book Quality Issue link. 

If you choose the option to be notified, you will receive an email from the Collection Development Department when an update is available. 

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