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Hi if my college class needs a book lets say for, my cyber security class and really need picture to go with text and dont got it what can be done, im asking now before i start my cyber security classes so im better know what im doing? Im a student in college

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Hello Ray,

Unfortunately not all of our titles will have images or image descriptions. We try to upload everything in the title, but it is not always feasible to include the images. If a book is in our collection without images and you feel that it requires those images in order for the information to be understood, you can file a book Quality report to our Collection Development team.

To file a book quality report: 

1. Log in to your Bookshare account at: https://www.bookshare.org/
2. Locate the book. 
3. Select the Book's Title. 
4. Select the Report Book Quality Issue link. 

If you choose the option to be notified, you will receive an email from the Collection Development Department when an update is available. 

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