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web reader help please

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Hello folks,

I tried to search this without success.  Is there a way to have the web reader read from a certain page of a novel rather than it starting from the beginning of a section every time?  We are reading Night, by Elie Wiesel, and the web reader wants to read from the forward every time rather than allowing the students to read from where they previously left off.  TY so much for any help.  James 

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Hi James,

We teach our students to use the Read&Write for Google Chrome extension.  We have premium licensing, but the text-to-speech is in the free version.  They can select where to start reading the text on the screen and it has multiple voice options.  


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Bookshare Web Reader is a basic tool that always begins reading at the top of a page. 

To start reading from a different spot in a book, please scroll until that area is focused at the top of the screen and then press Play.

As stated by Michelle Read&Write has a bit more functionality.

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