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My students are trying to read on safari on their iPads using bookshare.  The settings on their iPads are set to use the English voice Alex, but when they click on read now on bookshare, the default voice is Maged and there is no option to select Alex or any voice without a strong accent.  We’ve done a workaround by downloading the book as an ePub and using accessibility features to read it, but it seems like a glitch. Is there an easier fix?  

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As this is a mobile device we recommend using an app that works with Bookshare for the best listening experience.

To read Bookshare books on your device, we recommend installing the free Dolphin Easy Reader app.

Please follow the instructions at this link to learn more:

Note: The first time you open EasyReader, you will need to create a free Dolphin account or sign in to Dolphin with a Google account. This is different from your Bookshare account. You will log in to your Bookshare account within the app. 

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