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Alexander West

how do i renew membership?

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Hello Pamela,

All our Individual Membership accounts operate on a yearly subscription basis. You do not need to resubmit Proof of Disability once your account has been updated, but you do need to renew your membership by activating a new subscription every year. 

To renew your membership please follow these steps: 

1. Log in to Bookshare. 
2. From the account status banner on your My Bookshare page, select the "Renew" link.
3. Select the appropriate radio button and the Continue button.
4. Update any of your school information that has changed. If your student information is the same leave as is. 
5. If you edited anything, select the check box to certify that it's correct.
6. Submit the information and you're done! 

Typically your membership will be renewed the next time you log in. It can, however, take a few days to go through, especially if your grade level stayed the same, you advanced multiple grades, or you changed schools. 

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