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I imagine that what I am about to suggest / enquire about may have been previously addressed, but using the "search" function or dialog box did not yield and results.

For a variety of reasons Go Read is the reading app that is best suited to my needs.

If it could download illustrations and keep them in their proper place within the text of the book it would be perfect.


I have tried every other iOS and Android app in the 2 play stores and none of them come close to being a replacement for Go Read: for my particular circumstances. 

Does anyone know if there is a way to have go read download illustrations that has not come to my attention or in the alternative any chance of this functionality coming soon.

I like go read as it does not scroll but allows the user to "turn pages" and has a minimum of clutter on the screen, mostly just the text, as well as great text and background variability.


Thank you for any info you might be able to supply.


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