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My student has had a organization account for awhile now and just created a individual membership but is not able to login into Bookshare using the Read2Go application. App and iPad are updated and I am able to login using a computer. How can I get his login to work on the Read2Go App?

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Hi Cheyenne,

There is a possibility that in this case, your student may not be entering the correct login information. Please feel free to have your student, or a parent/guardian of the student contact Customer Support to make sure that they are using the correct login information. Read2Go has been out of development for some time now, which means it is no longer receiving updates. Although it still works fairly well for members who wish to keep using it, it is possible with every update to iOS, will bring more potential glitches to the app.

If you find this happening more often than not, we recommend switching to another app such as Voice Dream Reader or Dolphin EasyReader. These are third-party apps, which integrate with Bookshare, and  are regularly updated.

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