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Saving books, with highlighting, for the future

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Hello.  I am very new to Bookshare.  I tend to like to go back to books, especially items that I highlight, a while after I've read them the first time.

Is there a way to do this in Bookshare?  I am not currently downloading books because I wanted access to the audio reader and also have a Kindle (which seems to be difficult to download to from Bookshare).

I hesitate to read a book I can not highlight for future reference.

Thank you.


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Hello Catherine,

If you are interested in marking up a text and having the text to speech available at the same time, I would recommend downloading your books from Bookshare in the EPUB format and reading them in an EPUB reader such as Apple Books (comes automatically on all Apple devices) or Thorium Reader (Free for download on the Microsoft app store for Windows computers). Both of these programs have bookmarking options available where you can highlight a part of the text to bookmark it in order to return to that section at any time. They both also have text to speech audio available. 

If you are interested in exploring other options, please feel free to browse different reading tools that you can use to read Bookshare books on this page of our website:

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