ADHD individual is not a valid disability for Bookshare alone?

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I have ADHD along with my three daughters. Two are freshman in college. Sometimes I find it better to hear a book then read it. Not every book that I’d be interested in listening to can be found at Audible. 

Is this the case that someone like me who is not blind or dyslexic can’t obtain membership?  Thanks. 

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Hello Joellen,

Bookshare must abide by an amendment to copyright law called the Marrakesh agreement, which allows us to distribute copyrighted materials to only qualifying individuals. The guidelines listed on this page of our website come directly from the language of copyright law: . Unfortunately, ADHD is not considered a qualifying print disability under current law. However, it is quite possible that a person with one or more of these disabilities would qualify for Bookshare because of an accompanying disability. For example, a person who is both deaf and blind, or who has ADHD and a reading disability that impacts their ability to effectively read printed works, could qualify.

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