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Nick Bowen

NIMAC Textbooks for College?

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We had this question posted elsewhere that I felt was important enough to be offered and answered in another location:

Is there a way for a college textbook to be placed in the NIMAC so that it can be downloaded from Bookshare?  Even though the student is in high school and needs the book for one of his classes, I have to request permission for the publisher to put it in NIMAC because it is considered to be college textbook.  If the publisher will not permit this, is there another way the student can access the book?  Will Bookshare be able to scan it?


While we cannot directly control what content is placed into the NIMAC, Bookshare will always make this content available.  Simply request the book through our Book Request form found in our help center at: and we will add it to our library.

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I posed the following question to the NIMAC:

"If a school district requires the use of a college-level textbook in its high school curriculum, can the publisher of that college textbook refuse to provide NIMAS files to the NIMAC if directed by the district through language in a purchasing contract? In other words, can the publisher refuse to provide NIMAS files to the NIMAC because the textbook is considered a “college” textbook?"

Nicole Gaines. NIMAC & Digital Accessibility Manager, responded:

The short answer is “yes.” Per the definition provided under IDEA 2004, the NIMAC is to receive “textbooks and related printed core materials published primarily for use in elementary and secondary education.” This does mean that some materials commonly used in schools, such as reference books and trade books, and less commonly, college textbooks, are or may be NIMAS-exempt. The NIMAC can accept files for books that are published primarily for higher education but are also used in high schools. However, it’s between the customer and the publisher as to how this plays out and whether the publisher provides NIMAS for the material, or claims the exemption.  

 It sometimes depends on how the publishing company is structured as to whether they can/will provide files. If a company produces only college titles, or if they produce higher ed titles through a separate higher education division (such as is the case with Pearson and McGraw-Hill) they generally will not provide NIMAS for these books. The college divisions usually have their own Rights & Permissions offices and mechanisms for responding to disability requests and providing an accessible digital format on request. (This is often an accessible PDF.)  

As Nick indicated, you may request that the textbook be added to Bookshare’s library by completing Bookshare’s Book Request Form:

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