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Deborah Britt

Why does autism not qualify?

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Hi Deborah,

This is a great question that comes up from time to time.  It has to do with the legislation that allows Bookshare to provide our services and not a decision made by Bookshare, Benetech, or any of the publishers we work with.  

Bookshare is allowed to exist thanks to the Chafee Amendment, which is an exemption in copyright law allowing entities to reproduce material explicitly for individuals "unable to read normal printed material as a result of physical limitations."  

If you're interested in reading more Bookshare has the Chafee Amendment content available here:  with the important section for your question in the definitions at the bottom: 

"blind or other persons with disabilities" means individuals who are eligible or who may qualify in accordance with the Act entitled "An Act to provide books for the adult blind", approved March 3, 1931 (2 U.S.C. 135a; 46 Stat. 1487) to receive books and other publications produced in specialized formats

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