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Adding Other Teachers to Account

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Hi Sharon,

Absolutely, simply log into your account, select the Sponsors link from the left hand side of your My Bookshare page and add any teacher, or anyone else who will be assisting your students there as Sponsors.  Please note all Sponsors will have access to see the full member or student roster on your account.  But each one will be able to assist with managing your roster, including creating Reading Lists and using them to assign books to students.

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Another hint for educators is to keep your "Quicklist" up-to-date; only the students who you are currently working with should be showing when you filter the Member list to "My Quicklist" (you will need to select the Filter button for now... Then, even if your school has 500 students registered as Members in the overall roster, your list is short.

Each new student you add as a member is defaulted into your Quicklist, but you can also search through the list of students that other sponsors have been adding to the overall roster. Students can be (and are!) supported by more than one educator, so several of you can have the same student on your quicklists at any given time. When you are ready to remove a member from your quicklist, just click the checkbox for that student and then choose the 'Remove from Quicklist' option at the bottom of the page.

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