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Nick Bowen

Better identify books not available to members on reading lists

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As we've increased the purpose and function of our Reading Lists for Teachers and other Bookshare sponsors, we are working on identifying and fixing weaknesses within the feature.  One weakness that has very recently been identified, both internally and by some of our members is identifying when a book is not available to a member on a Reading Lists.

Books may be not available for a couple of reasons, seemingly the most common is the book is one that was provided to us by the NIMAC, which is only available to members with public school issued IEPs.  The second is due to the complexity or size of the book it's not available within the Bookshare Web Reader, or the "Read Now" link.  Note that these books in the second group are still available for downloading through Bookshare compatible applications for the student such as Go Read or Voice Dream Reader.

So with the complex nature of both of these issues we thought it would be appropriate to open this discussion to the Bookshare community at large.

How would you imagine:

  • An alert, identification, or other markings to better help Teachers or Bookshare sponsors identify that a NIMAC book has been added to a Reading List with a student on it that does not have an IEP?


  • An alert, identification, or other marking to better help Teachers or Bookshare sponsors identify that a specific book is unavailable at this time in the Bookshare Web Reader (Read Now)


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Excellent points and we have started to look at ways that we can give educators easier insight into which books require the student to have an IEP and which might not be able to open for the student in Web Reader (but could be downloaded for use with other reading tools).

A workaround for the question of whether a student is eligible for a title that is sourced by the NIMAC is to go onto your Reading List, and then select the "Download" button for a title on that list. The list of students displayed is ONLY the students who are assigned to that reading list, and those who have an "NA" instead of checkbox next to their name would not have access to that title, through any of our reading tools because of the state in which your school is located and/or because that student is not registered with us as having a public school IEP.

Stay tuned for next steps!

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