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Nick Bowen

Bookshare version 5.3.9 is live!

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Bookshare just released version 5.3.9! This release included several updates including: 

  • Added two new publishing partners: Jessica Kingsley and Gallaudet University Press.
  • Expanded a Bookshare Sponsor's ability to assign students to Reading Lists they've subscribed to.  These lists will now appear on the Reading List options available to Sponsors on their Member roster.
  • Added an option for all members and Bookshare sponsors to export their download history to a CSV file.  This includes the Organization Download report available to Primary Contacts.
  • Increased compatibility of EPUB 3 with our book ingestion process to allow for even more books to smoothly be added to Bookshare from our publishing partners.
  • Increased the stability and performance of our download process to make downloads ready faster and resolve some issues users may have experienced with hanging downloads.

As always feel free to provide any feedback or comments below.  If you're interested in helping us test up and coming features check out our Currently in Beta page!

For suggesting new features or discussing features currently being Beta tested visit our Feature Suggestion forum.

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