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I think it would be very helpful for Bookshare to have available as a resource a feature matching checklist for the decision-making process for determining which type of accessible format a student requires and what features that student requires (read aloud, adj voice rate, adjust backgrd and text color, highlight spoken word, navigation, refreshable braille, etc) when accessing the format, and then selecting the tool that delivers that format with required features. Teams would be able to print the form, or complete the form digitally or online. Perhaps this is already available @ and I haven't been able to find it.

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Hey Donna,

The idea of creating a system where members are walked through a wizard or something to select the reading tool that's best for them is an idea that's been on our radar for a short bit, but it's still very early in our design process.  The closest thing we have for now is our Member Preferred Tools page which does contain a lot of helpful information, but is likely far too complex to navigate quickly.  

From where you sit what do you think would be a good flow for selecting a tool.

Members should select:

Platform (computer/tablet) then key features then select the reading tool


Key features wanted then platform then select a reading tool.

Or do you have another idea for this feature?

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Usually we start with "what does the student need", so I think features first then the platform then reading tools that are supported on selected platform. Although if a readily available platform can not provide the priority features, the team is obliged to consider the platform that does.   For my Bookshare TTT course thru Perkins I just completed, I adapted an existing feature matching grid (developed by Joy Zabala, for her SETT protocol) for AEM. As I was identifying the features, I was running out of room on my paper grid, so thought maybe 2 grids need to be developed (if using a form). One for features specific to those that are visually impaired and a grid for a physical and reading disability. If you'd like to see it, I can send it to an email.

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